2014 Huizhou KEYA company Travel Report

system founds in 2014.06.14

"Tourist trip, accompanied by the collective" 2014 Huizhou KEYA company Travel Report

"Beyond the 17th anniversary celebration" Company celebration gorgeous blooming, in the joyful days, the company leaders,in the light of people-oriented, happy work principle, carry forward the enterprise culture, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, so as to further stimulate staff's work enthusiasm, initiative and enthusiasm, increase their sense of belonging, to get the full relax of staff.

In June 14, 2014, KEYA Company organized the staff to Dongguan Long Feng Mountain tourism. Early in the morning, staff to be in the best of spirits ride a tour bus to Dongguan Long Feng Mountain Villa enjoying the long-awaited wonderful journey. Arrived at the destination, colleagues all be in the best of spirits surrounded by leisure tourism, recreation Park &wedding photography in one, has tourism photography spots; sunflower Park, Romeo couples house, the champsElysees castle, Japanese garden, play facilities; mini shuttle, space travel, bumper cars, carousel and many other items. Everyone was in a cheerful mood and took pictures as a souvenir!

Through group travel of all the staff, the workers not only relaxed tension in the work, enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery, but also promote the affection between the colleague, make employees feel the company concerns, enhance the company cohesion and work enthusiasm, so that promote the employee involvement spirit to the coming work, to create more excellent performance.














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