Service Rules

Sticking to the "quality first, credit first" purpose, Our company commit following principle:

1、There is one year guarantee for our products ( dated of product sale), heating element of steam generator and pool heater is half year, but sauna heater's is three months (because of these are wearing parts) .

2、 Tearing or any change number of components in machine, or damage caused by transportation, installation,violation, operation evrironment condition which are not compliance with manuals, or facilities outside the machine ( non-equipment package) and accessories, those above-mentioned are excluded from warranty coverage which need to charge

3、 During warranty period, if the quality problem are caused by fault after return back checking, those spare parts can be replaced free in charge.

4、Our company has five service office: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, customer can return to any branch which can offer 24 hours service for free repair with maintenance service card (the same machine with same cards) , sending products back to after sales maintenance office to fix is a good choice for anothr city but customer bear shipping cost, if need to repair product at site, extra trip cost will be charged.

5、Our company maintenance branch can offer free training customer service personnel, will guide them the perating methods, provide installation and operation manual, besides,will execute instruction regulation strictly.

6、During the warranty period, the guarantee can not be extended since wearing parts had been replaced, spare parts can not be returned after approval

7、over warranty products, need to charge the cost of components and materials but include maintenance fee, besides, for other company's products, not only charge cost but also maintenance fee

8、our customers can enjoy technical consultation services freely in lifetime.

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