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1.What are the differences among steam bath, dry sauna and infrared bath?
One is that the construction material of these three bathing are different since the temperature and humidity required are not the same. The average temperature of steam bath is between 110~120°F(35°C~55°C), While the relative humidity approaches 100%; dry sauna bath ranges around 165~180°F(80~100°C)with humidity between 10-15% only; and infrared sauna works in a natural and dry space where the temperature is not exceed 120°F(50°C),therefore, steam bath is built by ceramic tile, stone or acrylic, dry sauna uses Finnish white pine or red pine, while the infrared sauna adopts white pine or red pine as well as other wood.
The other difference is bathing mode, dry sauna heats up the surrounding air by a heater, frequently adds water to the sauna stones creating a large amount of wet steam that makes your whole body sweating, and then after a period of time having a cold shower, this would last for 1.5 hours; steam bath requires the user seating quietly in the steam room where full of steam, a higher temperature with the wet steam make the user sweating, afterwards having a cold shower, it will alternately lasts about 1.5 hours; And the infrared sauna allows the user lying quietly in a well ventilated and comfortable room, feeling the warm of the infrared light. Affected by the infrared radiation in deep skin, the toxins, fat are come out with the sweat at the same time;
2.Steam bath, dry sauna bath and infrared bath, which one is better for you?
The preferred one is best for you. And it is recommended to consult the gym club or franchised store before ordering.
3. Is it difficult to install a steam room, dry sauna or infrared bath?
Absolutely not, no matter the acrylic made steam room or the wood made dry sauna and infrared sauna, they were designed into combinatorial pieces, so both the transportation or installation are ease.(refer to their respective user manuals)

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