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system founds in 2014.06.26

Huizhou Keya Sauna Swimming Pool Equipment Co. passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality managerment system of external audit in June 26th2014. The successful conclusion of audit, marking our company's standardized management made ​​new achievements of this year.

The external audit is conducted by Intertek (Intertek) Group certified senior auditor. Through series of rigorous and meticulous professional audithe of company's ISO quality management, experts say: Huizhou Keya Sauna Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd. have carried out fruitful control and supervision in document control, management review key aspects of the work, resource management, quality management, besides, the company's quality management system is intergiry with sufficient related documents, management review and other running well that in full compliance with ISO9001: 2008 standards.

Since October 2003 the company passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, in the course of implementation of quality management systems, critical review of company management, combined with changes in positioning the company's internal and external environment, timely adopted a series of effective measures, continuous improvement of the work, and made remarkable achievements.

In the audit closing meeting, in order to be more perfect system requirements, several experts not only give highly speak of our work but also give following suggestion:

1 requires companies to create a more dynamic sound quality tracking and project feedback;

2. the company's quality program needs to be improved in order to provide more effective management;

3. to strengthen the unscheduled inspections of related work.

4. Improve the company's annual goals and objectives of the sectoral program coordination.

At  presend, company take ISO relative principle to be as employee performance appraisal score, and achieve full coverage of ISO to Manager Company. Six departments combined company's overall goal and develop the target, earnestly implement execution and continuous improvement Effective quality management system is a solid foundation to pass the ISO.

In the future, the company will follow the requirements that propose by the trial, continue to strictly implement the ISO quality management system and continuously improve our work, to improve the level of standardization to promote internal management work to a new level, and create a qualified  Huizhou service value Keya sauna Pool equipment Co., Ltd..


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