Infrared sauna's FAQ

1. What is the limit of infrared sauna?

During pregnancy, medication or for sick person (for example: allergies include hypersensitivity skin, paralysis, epilepsy, hypertension, back injuries, vitro transplantation), it is suggested to consult a doctor when use infrared sauna. Please do not use infrared sauna when have a fever, severe infection and severe inflammation, injury, cerebral thrombosis, in alcohol or drug effect or after using sunbath.

Infrared sauna bath is composed of infrared light (5.6-15cm) functional on human cell for radiation, permeability, resonance and absorption, it rises the temperature of subcutaneous tissue of human body in deep site, so that accelerating the human enzyme synthesis, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation and metabolism, thus enhance the body immune function, strengthen the body's the biological cell regeneration ability, accelerate microcirculation and oxygen supply, eliminate harmful substances from the body, promote boy health.

3.  Infrared bath temperature?

Infrared sauna is based on infrared radiation; it has little in common with sauna. It is composed of a transmitting device infrared emission-B and -C, penetrated into your subcutaneous tissue in deep sites with increasing temperature producing effects. So when having infrared sauna bath, make the temperature increasing gradually and not exceeding 50 degree C (heating time in 20-30 minutes), at the temperature you feel a little fever can be.

4.  In a sauna room how to install an infrared radiation device?

How to realize the infrared sauna function were comprehensively considered when we design the dry sauna, so that the same space could realize both needs of dry sauna and infrared sauna.

The long bench skirt and backrest in COASTS sauna room can be added infrared radiation device through simple disassembly and assembly. As long as installing a corresponding power interface and controller, it will become an infrared sauna room.

There are three specifications of Coasts infrared radiation device, they are 0.3KW, 0.45KW, 0.6KW respectively, each device has its own switching, built-in thermostat and overheating protection switch, it allows you to use it assured. Coasts infrared radiation device is decorated with red cedar, white ash; the appearance is fashionable, gorgeous and complete color matching with sauna walls.

5.  What is the frequency to use infrared sauna? And what is the use time?

There are no strict rules. In order to bring you to enjoy the pleasing and the effectiveness of detoxification, it is suggested using infrared sauna two or three times a week, 20-30 minutes each time. It's about 10 minutes most people start sweating heavily. After a rest and enjoy a cup of fresh juice or water.

6.Where to install the infrared sauna?

Our infrared sauna is designed and considered together with dry sauna. there are two kinds of style, if considered as both dry sauna and infrared sauna, the installation location refer to dry sauna room requirements. If only considered as infrared sauna, because of low power consumption and not damp, it can be installed as a piece of furniture at any right place.

7. Infrared sauna room can help weight-loss?

Yes, as a matter of fact, the calories combustion quantity sharply increased in the infrared sauna room, it can effectively excrete the fat from human body. Research shows that   500 calories burned in 1.5 hours in the infrared sauna, so it can consume excess fat as strenuous exercise.

8. The characteristics of Coasts infrared sauna:

A.  Infrared sauna room is considered a combination function of dry sauna, so you can use it as both dry sauna and infrared sauna;

B. There are two models, they are: S type aluminous frame room---fashion and gorgeous; C type traditional wooden house-classical and elegant. Basically meet the needs of various environments.

C.Coasts infrared device is designed dismountable and able to be assembled, the decorated red cedar or white ash are matching to the long bench and walls visually.

D. Emission devices of infrared sauna are respectively independent; each piece has its own switch, temperature control as well as safe protection device. It can alternatively install digital temperature or time device, fully fill the different needs of all users, meanwhile easy to operate, convenient to observe and safe to use.


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