Sauna Heater

We take modern human needs as well as the demands of heat and moisture in a sauna into careful consideration.

Electric Hot Tubs (HT-E-SBWL)

Electric Hot Tubs (HT-E-SBWL)

As an outdoor hot water tank, stainless steel is used as the cylinder body and electric hot water heater, and carbonized high-quality wood is used as the external decorative plate of the tank, which is beautiful and durable. Automatic circulation heating, no need to manually stir the bathtub to mix hot water and cold water. The water level is balanced by automatic overflow, and there is no need to manually replenish water during bathing. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for commercial use.

◆Fast 2 hour heat up time.
◆Low maintenance.
◆Thermostatic heating
◆The cylinder can be di sassembledand assembled for easy transport-ation.
◆The bathtub is insulated with thermal insulation materials and can be equipped
with an additional thermal insulation cover
◆Automatic circulating heating, self overflow equilibrium water level







3-4 Person

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